Dynamic Painting Videos


The Water project is about water dynamics, the life that grows under it and the things that are pushed and modeled by its force. Water dynamics is a vast subject that has been frequently used and reused in photography, painting and kinetic art. The Water project started in 2006 with an extensive photographic work on the shapes that water adopts and how it sculpts rocks from which it passes. This work was done in the “Estrada Real” region in Minas Gerais state including mighty rivers and small water streams, quartzite (red tones) and granite (blue tones) based geology. This library of static images was the start to create different themes each one focusing on a particular aspect of water dynamic.

The movement is driven by contemporary instrumental music, created by the group specifically for each work.

This basic explanation on the project is about the creative foundation, but it does not suggest what is seen at the end. Any interpreted meaning or reference should come from each viewer.