Dynamic Painting Videos


Sequential Art Collection

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Altera Sequential Art brings to the front the details and nuances of our highly dynamic video work. Each collection derives from Refluir, Rheotaxis and Outflow Dynamic Painting videos.

All images are part of a sequence comprised by two or more prints. Every image in a sequence is printed individually, allowing for different framing and composition on the wall.

Each sequence is a limited edition, Fine Art printed with archival pigments in Canson Baryta Photographique and Canson Rag Photographique.

Each print includes a 0.80" white border to allow for future matting and framing. All prints are unframed, signed and numbered. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each sequence.

When purchasing a sequence, the buyer gets a Blu Ray DVD of the video work from which the Fine art prints derive. For buying options please contact us.